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Cora Kobischka is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Kobischka’s art practice has been a means to investigate and express her experiences, to process the world around her and her own trauma. Raised in a homogenously white town in a blended race family with a strict Christian up-bringing she experienced forms of racial prejudice and oppression that left a lasting impact. Identity, spirituality, nature and her family are themes she frequently draws from. Her work has often been experimental utilizing a variety of mediums and showcased as a combination of visual works, performance and installation. Her earliest works had an intensity, starkness and ephemeral nature to them, with visual works being rendered in dark palettes. Color has now become incorporated widely in her recent work.
Kobischka has been greatly influenced by Louise Bourgeois and Bourgeois’ approach to expressing her own childhood trauma through her work and her experimentation of mediums. Additionally, Kobischka is influenced by American artist, Kerry James Marshall with whom she studied under during her BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His approach to exploring identity, family and society in his work was formative to her own practice. 

After taking some time to reflect, Kobischka has re-evaluated many of the reasons for why she creates. Kobischka is now in the process of creating a body of visual works exploring spirituality, reflections, and the things that shape us.    

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Brooklyn, NY