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Cora Kobischka is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Raised in a small homogenous town in the US with a blended background and a religious upbringing, she experienced a difficult adolescence that left a lasting impact. Her art practice is an exploratory playground used to process her past, and the world around her, investigating, observing and translating life. Identity, spirituality, nature, and her family are subjects she frequently draws from. She utilizes a variety of mediums and has shown her work in the US and abroad.

Experiencing Kobischka’s work is like overhearing a fragment of a story, something like a dream or a fading memory and a kind of visual poetry. There is a sense of pain, mystery and beauty, darkness and color that undulates throughout her work.
Kobischka has been greatly inspired by Louise Bourgeois, mainly in how she confronted her difficult childhood experiences in her art and also by her untethered use of mediums. Additionally, Kobischka became influenced by her former teacher, American artist, Kerry James Marshall, during her BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His approach to exploring identity, family, and society in his work has been formative to her practice.

Kobischka is currently in the process of creating a body of work around the theme of reflecting, the subjective form of observing the self, one that is constantly changing based on the beliefs and experiences that shift and change throughout our lives.    

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Brooklyn, NY