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Cora Kobischka is a multifaceted artist, whose oeuvre traverses diverse artistic modes, from painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, to poetry. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Kobischka obtained a BFA from the University of Illinois in Chicago and her practice has been an instrument that enables her to probe deeply into the complexities of spirituality, identity, and the human experience.

For Kobischka, art is an avenue that opens doors to a higher consciousness found in the imagination. Her creative process draws extensively on dreams, visions, and the natural world, and her color-rich imagery of places, figures, and scenarios, with soft pastels, invokes a dream-like state that is both evocative
and compelling.

Lately, Kobischka has been integrating technology into her works, creating interactive mandalas that simulate the meditative flow state she experiences during art-making. Viewers have the opportunity to interact with these pieces on her website, resulting in a unique, immersive experience.

What sets Kobischka's work apart is her unyielding desire to reveal the power beyond the mind and the energy that unites us and the universe. Her art delves into the complex relationship between the self and the world, as she seeks to touch upon the profound depths of the human experience. 


For more artwork info or other inquiries please email: cora.kobischka@gmail.com
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