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Based in Brooklyn, Cora Kobischka is an emerging multidisciplinary artist with a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work, exhibited in international locales such as Dubai, Seoul, Nagano, Chicago, and New York City, spans various disciplines including poetry, drawing, painting, installation, and digital media. Kobischka's art weaves engaging narratives that delve into themes of spirituality, identity, and the human experience. Currently, her artistic focus oscillates between soft pastel paintings and printmaking. From April 19 to May 31, 2024, she will participate in a group exhibition at the Arts for Peace Gallery, showcasing a recent monoprint.

Kobischka's work initiates a dialogue around the complexities of existence, inviting viewers to traverse the realms of the spiritual, the personal, and the collective. Her artistic journey is a relentless pursuit to uncover the deeper meanings of our humanity, crafted to stir reflection and introspection. Each creation by Kobischka is an interactive conversation, posing questions and weaving narratives to challenge, captivate, and enlighten.

Her art, drawing on the mystical interplay of dreams, visions, and the natural world, acts as a gateway to heightened awareness, addressing themes of preservation, transformation, and rebirth. Known for its ethereal, vivid imagery and immersive interactivity, her work offers a unique lens on the dynamic interplay between reality and perception.

As Kobischka evolves and broadens her creative lexicon, her commitment to exploring new mediums and techniques is unwavering, deepening her engagement with the foundational themes that drive her artistic passion. Her ambition is to create art that transcends a mere reflective mirror, offering instead a window into the abstract and the transcendent, compelling viewers toward a journey of profound discovery and connection.


For more artwork info or other inquiries please email: cora.kobischka@gmail.com
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